Blair Wolfert

Doctor of Chiropractic

You want more out of life. Stop wasting time waiting for something to change; make it happen. We can’t change what lies behind us, but when we discover the power within us, we can shape what lies before us.

I believe in you. I believe if you truly want to make a change, you will. I have seen many patients shed the doubt that they had in themselves and realize how wonderfully we have all been created. I want to be a part of that transformation for you.

I wouldn’t ask you to take the first step alone. Let’s get started together with a free consultation, health history evaluation, and exam. You are invested in your health, and I want to be invested in you, too. 

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The six things that happen when you meet me

Improved Athletic Performance

Even the best athletes have aches and pains that hold them back. Chiropractic adjustments can create a clear nervous system, allowing the body to heal, so athletes don't have to play through the pain.

Increased Energy

Tension on the spine can leave us feeling run down and tired. Chiropractic adjustments can relieve this tension, leaving our bodies to function as they were meant to.

Increased Mental Clarity

Our brains rely on the nervous system to help them control every part of the body. When this isn't happening as it should, it can lead to depression, headaches, and frequent changes in mood.

Increased Breathing

Like all of our organs, our lungs rely on our nervous system to bring them information from the brain. Chiropractic adjustments can create a clear path for this information.

Increased Range of Motion

In many cases, an increase in range of motion immediately follows chiropractic adjustments. This is one of the reasons why many top professional sporting teams have team chiropractors.

Decreased Blood Pressure

Many studies have shown that regular chiropractic adjustments can have an equal or greater effect on your blood pressure than prescription medicine, without all of the side effects.