a new
class of chiropractic

It is our passion to identify and treat the underlying cause of your concern. We have been blessed with the opportunity to watch our patients meet and exceed their goals for several incredible years; we are excited to see how we can help you achieve yours too!

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Focused care

Each person that comes into our office has very specific needs based on their history and concerns. Dr. Blair takes the time to learn about your history and your life to get to the core of your body’s needs. She performs a complete chiropractic evaluation in addition to orthopedic and neurological tests. She then sits down and studies the findings from each person and links it to their history in order to have a specific instruction for each individual to maximize their health and help them accomplish their goals.

balanced techniques

Dr. Blair cares for patients from infants that are hours old to the retired and everyone in between. Our techniques for analysis and adjusting are unique and tailored to each individual. Dr. Blair uses very specific, gentle adjustments combining hands on, instrument, and drop based adjustments. She looks specifically at the nervous system and communication between the brain and body. For expecting moms, we use a specific technique for your changing needs throughout pregnancy that helps to maintain and restore proper pelvic function.


uplifting environment

Health is an ongoing commitment. We strive to help you through all stages of your health journey and provide you with the information and tools you need in order to keep up with your continuous growth! Healing is a process and comes with many opportunities to grow and shift in our thoughts, feelings, and in our faith. We will be here to encourage and cheer you on during each stage of your continuous transformation. 

discover your potential


Remove nerve interference, reduce pressure on your nervous system, and restore joint motion.


Improve your nervous system’s ability to coordinate responsivity and movement in your muscles.


Allow your brain and all of the different systems in your body to be connected and function at their best

What Our patients Are saying

Dr. Blair is hands down the best Chiropractor I have ever been to!! She is gentle with her adjustments and I get better relief after seeing her than I have with any other provider ever before. On top of that she is very knowledgeable on multiple health concerns and what the best treatment would be. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Blair!


I lead what many would consider to be a physically high impact life. Without fail; day, night, questionable weather - Dr. Blair is there with the kindness of a saint, a healing touch and the raised eyebrow of a best friend asking, “you did what now?” No judgement, great advice and consistently progressive results. Would always recommend.