Our Approach

We believe that our bodies were so wonderfully made, that they are typically capable of healing themselves and maintaining that health without much outside interference. Our approach is to restore the natural position of the spine, so that the body is able to function without subluxation or imbalance.

Our Story

Dr. Blair was first drawn to chiropractic care after she sustained a serious knee injury while playing softball. She worked with multiple doctors, physical therapists, massage therapists, and even went through surgery, failing to find the healing that she needed. Finally, she was referred to a chiropractor. The chiropractor’s ability to help her body heal itself blew her away. Not only did her injury heal, but she found she had increased clarity and energy. She soon knew that she wanted to help show other people just what their own bodies can do, when they are functioning properly. Almost ten years later, Dr. Blair opened Connect Chiropractic in Hudsonville, Michigan, where she enjoys treating patients and showing them just how wonderfully our bodies are made.