All About Chiropractic

As a chiropractor, I look at the nervous system to make sure the body can function at its peak potential. Our entire body relies on messages sent from the brain through the nervous system. This communication is extremely important, because when it is impaired, we do not function at our best. If left impaired, the lack of communication between the brain and the rest of the body can cause us to experience any number of symptoms or illnesses. This happens because the nervous system sends information everywhere in our body, which allows all of our organs, glands, muscle, tissues and cells to function, adapt, and change as the body needs.

I look for areas where the communication is being disrupted. These disruptions are usually caused by stressors such as toxins, traumas, and even thoughts. When our body fails to adapt to these stressors, it leads to the misalignment of the bones around the spine. When these bones are not in place, it puts pressure on our nerves, preventing proper communication from the brain to the rest of the body. This is what is called a subluxation. Research has found that over 80% of infants are born with subluxations from the birthing process. This alters the way our nervous system can adapt, develop, and grow.

Chiropractors can locate these areas of misalignment, correct them, and restore communication through gentle, specific adjustments. This allows the body to function at its full potential. It can improve everything from the body’s ability to heal to mental clarity, mood, and energy levels!

Give your family the best life through a free flowing nervous system with chiropractic.